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Find Quality Reloading Supplies. Gear Up at MidwayUSA Get Free Shipping On $49+. Free Ship To Store On All Orders.. Shop Outdoor Gear from all the Top Brands at Low Price This item: Shotshell Reloading Crimp 12 gauge $31.50. In Stock. Sold by exclusive bay and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Details. Claybuster AA 1 oz 500 Bag Wads $26.97. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Sold by SLICK DEALS 4 ALL and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping DADDY AMMO Shotshell Reloading Crimp is designed to provide reloading in almost any conditions. Electricity supply is not necessary for usage. It's easy to learn how to use this device. You don't need any special knowledge or manuals to start using this tool. Fix the crimp on the surface and start reloading process at once

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The crimp on a shotgun shell is easy to overlook, but this simple aspect of reloading holds a lot of sway over the ammunition's performance. No matter whether the hull is paper or plastic it needs to be positively crimped. And shotgun shell crimp styles play a number of roles in properly functioning ammunition A sunken crimp does normally mean your powder/wad/shot column is slightly shorter than what your press is CURRENTLY adjusted to process. Several things will fix that. You can increase the powder weight just a little. The cowboy load you mentioned is a VERY low pressure load A crimp that is too tight (too deep) can increase ballistics more than what is expected from the reload data. All shotshell reload data on the Hodgdon website has been created using an average crimp depth of 0.055″. As an example, here are ballistic test results of a standard 7/8-oz, 12-gauge load when crimp depths are varied. Crimp Depth This one should help you to solve problems with defective or deformed shotshells, and make your crimps better.Part of a series of videos on shotshell reloadi.. A good crimp is the outcome of many small adjustments, both inside the shell and at the crimping station of a reloading press. Shell and press adjustments must be considered for all your different loads, as even a change of shot size will alter your load height, requiring you to use filler wads of different thickness

Folded Crimping. The most common type is a folded crimp like you see above with Winchester's 12 gauge ammo. With this crimp, the end of the shell is folded over into a pie-shaped pattern. If you look at the top of the shell, you can see small triangles, much like the lines on a cut pie 1 - From Lyman 5th Edition Shotshell Reloading Handbook 3 - From Alliant Powder Internet Site. 3 Steel Shot Loads Winchester Plastic Cases, Plastic Basewad, Fold Crimp, 3 Shell 1 oz. Steel Loads Powder Charge (grs) Primer Wad Column Velocity (fps) Pressure (psi) Steel 42.0 Fed. 209A One R.S. SAM I 3 & One 20 ga. 1/4 fibe Shotshell crimping problem. About 25 years ago I was given a garbage bag full of plastic hulls by a law enforcement agency who had no use for them and they were destined for the dumpster. I just finally developed an interest in them this winter and started reloading them. Originally they all contained 00 buckshot and I've been loading them with. Shotshell Roll Crimper. I've tried a couple of different roll crimpers over the years, but never really found any of them to my liking. Of the few available, every one seems to rely on one or more roll pins that require regular lubrication to function, and still seem to take more time and effort than I'm willing to invest Crimp depth of a finished shotshell reload is an important dimension to monitor for consistent ballistics and safe loads. This is one adjustment on a shotshell loading machine that is easy to overlook. An example of the correct crimp is what is found on factory loads

Shot Shell Crimp Problems. Crimp problems are usually caused by not having the correct wad length for the shell and components selected. If the crimp is too deep use a longer wad. If none are available, you can use a wad that is too short and use a fiber or a cardboard wad from a smaller gauge to take up the excess space This video shows how I made a roll crimping tool for reloading shotgun shells. TheIdahoanShow. Idaho was one of the last continental US states to be settled and, more so than some parts of the US, the culture of Idaho still retains a frontier spirit of self-reliance. As host of TheIdahoanShow on YouTube, I endeavor to produce videos capturing. Roll crimped loads are easy to make - once you have the right tools. Roll crimps are applied with a special machined bit which, through a combination of heat and pressure, folds the last 1/4 of a hull inward and down - until the leading edge contacts an overshot card sitting on top of the payload. Once complete, you have a water-resistant seal. Shotshell reloading is a great way to fine-tune your shotgun loads and save money. The first step in shotshell reloading is to inspect your hulls for flaws. A modern hull has a certain lifespan and, barring some specific injury - being stepped on, for instance - it should last a dozen shots or perhaps more The basics of roll crimping follow. Tools and materials. In order to roll crimp a shotshell, the handloader will need a hull vice to hold the hull in place, a small C-clamp to secure the hull vice to a drill press or table top, a roll crimping tool, and overshot cards

Product Description: 100% wool felt cushion wads are used inside the shot cup under the shot to fill unoccupied space in the hull. Felt wads are used to maintain a full load to ensure a better crimp. Recommended sizes for use in your shotshell wads: 20 Ga. Wads for 10 & 12 Ga. Hulls Shotshell Reloading Supplies. From buckshot to wadding, Midsouth has you covered for all of your shotshell reloading supply needs. We have conversions kits from MEC and Lee, along with shotgun primers and reloading books. Midsouth has powder bushings and shot bars. We have bottles for shot and primer catchers Hulls skived for improved 6 pt, 8 pt, or Roll Crimp. Lyman 5th Edition Shotshell Reloading Handbook list this hull as: Cheddite Plastic with Plastic Basewad - 20 Gauge 2-3/4 New Fiocchi 12 Ga. 3-1/2 Primed, Unskived High Metal Head (100 Hulls) Permanent Link to Product Page. $20.94. Out Of Stock Product Number Reloading: A beginner's guide to roll crimping shotshells. In order to roll crimp a shotshell, the handloader will need a hull vice to hold the hull in place, a small C-clamp to secure the. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HORNADY/PACIFIC 366 RELOADER SHOTSHELL CRIMP START ASSY. 12 Gauge at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Lee's Reloading 90067 Carbide Factory Crimp Die for .32 ACP & .32 S&W Long. New New New. $22.61

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Just attempting to use logic, albeit when I'm not fully awake nor at all knowledgeable about shotshell reloading (i.e. I'm spitballing this), it seems it would take less pressure to unroll a roll crimp of maybe 1/8 - 1/4 of plastic that to unfold the more complex (and larger amount of plastic involved) fold crimp Field Reloading Shotgun ShellsSelecting the Best Shotshell Hulls for Reloading Reloading and Roll crimping Lee Drive Key Slugs Lee Load All 2 $50 Power HouseDrill powered roll crimp Jig for shotgun reloading Starting to reload. What is the best reloading book to start out with a bang for your buck? How we produce reloading data at Vihtavuori. Find Quality Reloading Supplies. Don't Wait, Check It Out Today One must ensure to choose the ideal segmented crimp (6 or 8 loops). Post-reloading is when the shotshell crimp problem occurs. Longer wads can be compressed at the lower section near the powder. Shotgun Shell Crimp Styles & Performance. One can either opt for the modern-day star-fold (6 or 8 segments) crimp or the old-school roll crimp

RCBS Mini Grand Press Taper Crimp Die shell. If you frequently use your RCBS Mini Grand Shotshell Press for reloading, you need a RCBS Mini Grand Taper Crimp Die to deliver just the right amount of crimp to your reloaded cases. A taper crimp like this gives you consistent cycling when used in your semiautomatic or pump-action shotgun New to shotshell reloading crimp/overshot card question. Reloading win AA hulls with win209 primer, 21.2 grains of green dot, waa12 wads, 1 1/8oz #9 shot. When I crimp the hulls there is a little hole in the middle and my shot falls out if it so I was wondering if I could use a piece of paper to act as an overshot card to keep the shot from. Arizonagunsmith. Re: Shotgun Reloading Over Crimp Fix? You need to back off the wad pressure setting on the next bunch. An old trick to salvage shells like the ones you have is if they are not really over crimped, you can take a pick and lift the crimp up and let them sit for 24 hour and the wad will slowly move up MEC STAR CRIMP KIT 410ga SPINDEX 6 POINT ONLY. $8.59. In Stock. Item #: MEC8462410. BPI SUPER CROWN BRASS 6pt CRIMP STARTER 10/12/16ga. $30.99. Temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. Item #: BPI0740006. BPI SUPER CROWN BRASS 6pt CRIMP STARTER 20/28/410ga Just attempting to use logic, albeit when I'm not fully awake nor at all knowledgeable about shotshell reloading (i.e. I'm spitballing this), it seems it would take less pressure to unroll a roll crimp of maybe 1/8 - 1/4 of plastic that to unfold the more complex (and larger amount of plastic involved) fold crimp

The crimp pressure is also a variable that can now be measured and recorded to develop the optimal recipe for a round. Whether you are roll crimping, taper crimping or using the Lee Factory Crimp die the Consistent Crimp will give you the control you have been seeking over your crimps and ultimately your group size and location as for the OP, i have crimped 1000`s of new hulls, first i like to crimp slowly in the pre crimp, and hold it there for a couple of seconds, just so the folds form, and stress the plastic longer. I bought a couple thousand new, skivved, primed 16 ga. Cheddite hulls from BP last year Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:16 pm. baltz526 wrote: parafin wax has been sealing crimps since the creation of the shotgun shell. no need to recreate the wheel. Put your parafin sealed crimps under water for a week and see how good the seal is. Parafin does not bond to the plastic A crimp that is too tight (too deep) can increase ballistics more than what is expected from the reload data. All shotshell reload data on the Hodgdon website has been created using an average crimp depth of 0.055. As an example, here are ballistic test results of a standard 7/8-oz, 12-gauge load when crimp depths are varied 1-selling shotshell reloader in the world. This smooth-operating single-stage reloader produces factory-like shells. Cam-operated crimp can perform six- or eight-point crimps with minor adjustment. Plus, it remembers the proper reloading sequence. Long-stroke mechanism allows reloading of high- or low-brass shells, including 3″ shells

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  1. Shotshell reloading: Crimps, Wads I just got into shotshell reloading, because here in Germany you don't find affordable bulk ammunition for trap or skeet shooting for a 20 ga. Is there any problem with using a roll crimp on a plastic wad
  2. Reloading: To Crimp or Not to Crimp, That is the Question. We're going to use a weird analogy to illustrate what crimping does and does not do. It's kind of like inserting a wooden dowel into a hole drilled in a block of wood. This Hornady taper crimp die removes the flare from the case mouth
  3. g. One popular method is Rea
  4. 6: Start Crimp. 7: Finish Crimp. Getting Into It A loaded shotshell ammo, ready to shoot. Bryce M. Towsley. While less a factor today than in years past, the primary reason for getting started in reloading shotgun shells remains cost savings. With 12 gauge, the savings margin is a bit thin these days
  5. Over the next three years, Barlow would introduce a major advancement to powder handling with the duplex measures for both cartridge and shotshell reloading. The most significant changes to the existing shotshell tools were improvements to the crimp head design, and several items were rebranded with the dawn of the new century
  6. Shotshell Reloaders. Since 1955, Mayville Engineering Company has been designing, building and servicing the best shotgun shell reloaders in the world. MEC shotgun reloading equipment has earned the trust and loyalty of generations of customers from children to seniors and the casual hobbyist to the competitive shooter. Our machines are made in.
  7. gton STS in green and gold, Federal Gold Medal, Federal Gold Medal Paper and Olympic pape

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New at Shotshell Reloading - Problems with Lee 7/8 Slug and Crimp. This is my first attempt at shotshell reloading and I am experiencing problems with the crimp. I am using Lee load data which has the following combination of components for the 7/8 Lee Slug. I tried adjusting the press (MEC Sizemaster SM82) but this was the best result All my reloading manuals call for a taper crimp to all semi-auto ammo. Note that they do not say to over crimp. The taper crimp portion in the seating/crimping die for semi-auto pistol calibers is for a taper crimp, not just removing the belled case mouth. But hey, you can reload any way you want Reloader Roll Crimping Tool 12GA zn12. This is a great little roll crimper. Great for off the grid or power out or just roll crimping while watching tv with the wife. The body it composed of a weak pot metal, however, this is fine as this metal is more than strong enough to roll crimp all plastic shotgun shells. The only drawback is yo.

Reloading Accessories, Reloading Dies & Shooting Supplies for Sale at Buffalo Arms Company over 10,000 Black Powder Cartridge Rifles, Black Powder, Cowboy Guns, Gun Books, Gun Videos, Obsolete Bras mec 600 slugger single stage shotshell press. mec reloading (in stock) - 0.0. mec 8567n grabber shell press. mec reloading (in stock) - 5.0 (1) taper crimp handgun dies. hornady (in stock) - 0.0. mec steelmaster shot shell press. mec reloading (in stock) - 5.0 (1) reloading die. rcbs (in stock) - 0.0. 366 auto progressive shotshell press powder.

The result? Bulges in the case mouth just below the crimp area, creating a cartridge that will most likely fail to chamber. This is particularly likely to happen when reloaders attempt to seat and crimp the bullet in one operation. It's far better to seat all the bullets first and then crimp as a final, separate action. And crimp just enough Forest camping- among their top products is the aluminum and steel-made Shotshell Reloading Crimp 12 gauge. RCBS- RCBS is also part of the big names in the reloading world. One of their reloading products is the hunting RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press We have a massive selection of Reloading Dies to assist all of your ammunition reloading needs. Use these dies and die sets with your reloading press to tackle almost any reloading task with ease. Shop for sizing and decapping dies, expanding dies, and seating and crimping dies from the hottest brands known to workbenches including RCBS, Redding Reloading, and Hornady

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Crimp the shell. Rotate the reloader again to crimp the shells closed, securing the completed shell. Store them in shotshell trays, widely available at sporting goods stores or other outlets, or just put them back in the old boxes that the shells came in The Hornady ® 366 Auto ™ Shotshell Reloading Press is ideal for the avid target shooter. The time-tested design lets you load high-quality, low-cost ammo in a hurry — just set the case and wad in place and pull the handle. The 366 Auto ™ does the rest. Find a Retailer I've been reloading metallic for awhile and I have just taken up reloading shotgun about a month ago and I have a couple questions regarding crimp/crushed shells and turkey loads. With shotgun, I realize you can't be as adventurous/dumb so I want to make sure I'm starting this venture safely

Seller: pastagoi1744 ️ (295) 100%, Location: Magnitogorsk, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202518056244 Shotgun Shell Reloading Roll Crimping Head and Adapter For Drills 12 gauge. Shotgun Shell Reloading Roll Crimping Head and Adapter For Drills This is an innovative development of Russian scientists, which has no analogue in the whole world Good article on getting started reloading shotshells. I would agree that MEC products seem to work for a fair price. I currently reload around 600-800 shotshells a month and use a Hornady 366 Hornady Blank Crimp Die Set for 22-45 Caliber. Item Number: HOR544591. Out of stock. $140.99. Quickview. Subscribe to back in stock notification. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Reloading Dies. Lee dies are the most copied dies ever made. Lately other brands have started to offer some previously exclusive Lee features. Such as one piece reaming, wrench flats, collet held decapper, finger adjustable bullet seater, elevated expander and O-ring locks. The competition still remains way behind Roll Crimper Hand Tool for Shotshell Reloading 20 GA, zr20. C $24.72. + C $8.74 shipping. Almost gone. ShotShell Reloading Crimp Tool 20 gauge, zn20. C $37.95. + C $8.74 shipping. Almost gone. Shotshell Reloading BPI Original Buffer Powder (500cc) #00 Buckshot Formula NEW

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The trim die is needed for initial case forming, not for reloading already fired shotshells. The remaining 3 dies are sold as a separate kit and follow the routine of traditional handloading die sets. You have a full length sizing die which also decaps, an expanding die, and a crimp die. Start with clean brass, lubricate wel Handloading, or reloading, is the process of making firearm cartridges and by assembling the individual components (case, primer, propellant, and projectile), rather than purchasing mass-assembled, factory-loaded ammunition.. The term handloading is the more general term, and refers generically to the manual assembly of ammunition.Reloading refers more specifically to handloading using. Shotgun Shell Reloading Roll Crimping Head + Adapter for drills 16 GAUGE. C $13.15 + C $8.45 shipping + C $8.45 shipping + C $8.45 shipping. 154 sold 154 sold 154 sold. Roll Crimping Head + Shell Holder + Adapter for drills 20 gauge. C $16.29 + C $8.45 shipping + C $8.45 shipping + C $8.45 shipping Showing 1549-1556 of 1556 results. Hornady Universal Access Bin & Bracket $ 16.70 Out of stock. Read more; Hornady Universal Loading Blk W/ Sleeve $ 7.67 Add to cart Hornady Universal Trim Length Gaug

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  1. Access Free Shotshell Reloading Handbook 5th EditionShotshell Reloading Handbook: 5th Edition Reloading Manual New 9827111 The Lyman 5th Edition Shotshell Reloading Handbook is a great reloading manual for anyone looking for high-quality information and data on shotshell reloading. This manual covers a Page 14/3
  2. We carry the best brands whether it's clothing, sporting goods, or outdoor gear.. Clothing - Fishing - Outerwear. Free Shipping on orders over $50
  3. 2 3/4 Cheddite Plastic Shells, Plastic Basewad, Fold Crimp - Lead Shot reloading data with 16 loads. with weights of 1 ounce,1 1/8 ounces,1 1/4 ounces,1 3/8 ounces. powders manufactured by Hodgdon,Alliant,IMR,Wincheste
  4. The resistive force, presented by friction in a shotgun is negligible. CRIMPING: (ASSEMbLY) • This is certainly one of the most important aspects of the Shotshell reloading process. • The influence of crimp on the ballistics is often ignored, and assumed to be of lesser importance than primers and wad make/design

These settings are only for taper crimped cartridges used in pistols. These settings do not apply to roll crimped cartridges such as those used in a revolver. For best results you must use a dial or digital caliper to measure your bullets and brass. NOTE: All measurements are in thousandths (.000) - you will need calipers to use the calculator Reloading Press 16GA pr16. 0. The tool is designed to reload and crimp the cartridge.The tool consists of seven parts.Tool material steel and plastic.Functionality:The removal of the charged used primers out of the shotshell hulls.The installation of the new primers into the shot.. $39.00 $35.00

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The Ammo & Reloading Forum. Reloading: Crimping. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. need a good crimp. Guns that hold the ammo in a loading tube in the gun, end to end, need a good crimp. Typically all semi-auto guns, most lever guns, and pump guns need a crimp. There may be others but the test is the above where the. Shotshell reloading presses are generally pretty much self-contained, and come complete with all the dies, bushings, charge bars, and accessories required to load one gauge of shotshells. Even entry level presses usually have powder and shot reservoirs, and allow the operator to sequentially perform the steps required to reload a shotgun shell.

Crimp bullets on the press. The last part I've heard various advice on. Some people suggest you don't need to crimp the bullets, and that the military only does it because they have to stand up to rough handling in machine guns. When I first starting reloading, I'm pretty sure I was over crimping, which can be dangerous Most loads can be closed with a standard fold crimp. Step 1: De-cap and resize the hulls. If using previously fired shotshell hulls, first inspect each one for defects or signs of excessive wear. Next, use a reloading press to de-cap and resize the hulls R.S.I All Seal. Primer and crimp sealant, for weatherproofing and long term storage of shells, seal your reloads like the ammo manufacturers do. One bottle will seal hundreds of rifle or shotgun shells. ½ fluid oz. Reloading Specialties, Inc. Box 1130. Pine Island, MN 55963. Ph: 507-356-8500 The basics of roll crimping follow. Tools and materials. In order to roll crimp a shotshell, the handloader will need a hull vice to hold the hull in place, a small C-clamp to secure the hull vice to a Drill Press or table top, a Roll Crimping Tool, and overshot cards. Other tools and materials needed but not pictured include a hand drill or.

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Reloading shotgun shells in 6 easy steps. Step #1 (9:00) The fired primer is punched out on the downstroke. Step #2 A new primer is seated (it'll be fed automatically with a fully functional 650). Upon full downstroke, the charge bar shuttles to the right, dropping a charge of powder into the shell You use this for your 12-gauge shotgun, with 24-shot and powder bushings. They do have models for 16-gauge and 20-gauge too. It's basically a complete reloading tool for your shotgun, as you don't need anything else. This will load 3-inch and 2¾-inch shells. One thing you can say for this reloader is that beginners find it easy to use The Perfect Crimp Handy Trimmer. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings. ( 10 customer reviews) $ 59.99. - Easily trims hulls to an even desired length. - Trimming Range 2.500 to 2 3/4 OAL. - Portable, Hand-Held, easy to use. - Custom blade guard for safe handling. - Anodized Finish

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A SIMPLE tool that is RELIABLE in usage for shotshell reloading. Can be used with a drill. More AFFORDABLE prices in comparison to other manufacturers. Product prices are more affordable in comparison to other manufacturers of shotgun cartridge reloading tools. A STEADIER result of shotgun shell crimp. It can load MORE than 100,000 shotgun shells Once-Fired Remington Shotshell Hulls 20 Gauge 2-3/4 6 Point Crimp Yellow Bag of 100. Product Family #: 1013141753. Product #: 531489. Manufacturer #: HLR20UL6W. UPC #: 9261000112 Item 3 ShotShell Reloading Crimp Reloader Equipment Tool 16 gauge. Reloader Roll Crimping Tool 12 GAUGE zn12 by FC. Forest-camping2016 1760 992 Location. This is an inexpensive reliable and easy-to- use tool for reloading shot shell. What I didnt like is how this product dropped in price as soon as my order purchase was confirmed Hornady V-MAX™ .22 60-Grain Bullets. $2699. 27.0¢ per round. 5.0 (3) Hornady InterLock® BTSP 6mm 100-Grain Bullets. $2999. 30.0¢ per round. 4.3 (3) Plano® 50-Count Handgun Ammo Case for .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt Bullets RCBS 357 MAG/38SPL/357MAX TAPER CRIMP SEATER. Permanent Link to Product Page. $27.80. In Stock. Product Number: 18262. RC18262. Product Manufacturer: RCBS

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51.6k members in the reloading community. A Subreddit For Reloading! Use roll crimping.There are various roll crimping tools and components available. Or use a Lee star crimp starting die that starts the crimp. Put the (filled) shotshell on a flat stable surface, put the crimp starting die atop the shell and push down with the padding of your hand to form/reinforce the crimp These components include: the shotshell brand and type (there are different types among the same brand); the brand and name of powder; the primer brand and type (a 209 and 209M are different for example); the wad brand and name/number; and finally the crimp. All of these need to be matched, especially as a beginner With our load data you can search by caliber, bullet weight, powder, powder manufacturer or a combination of all four. Search over 305,305 loads! Shell Type: - ANY - 2 3/4 Fed. Paper Target Shells 10 Gauge 3 1/2 Bismuth Shot (Federal Plastic Cases / Paper Basewad / Fold Crimp) 10 Gauge 3 1/2 Bismuth Shot (Remington Plastic Cases / 1/4.

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Reloading Dies. Reloading Dies are an essential component to reloading successfully. Here at Palmetto State Armory, we carry dies for sizing, decapping, seating bullets, & more from top brands like Hornady & RCBS. View as. Grid View List View 410 light game slug load data. The 410 gauge light game slug is a highly accurate short to medium range slug for use in smooth bored barrels.. This round ball light game slug is designed to fit into standard 3″ (75 mm) shotgun shells and should be finished with a roll crimp closure. This is an extremely versatile round ball slug which fits equally well into 2 1/2″ shells, and with care it.

MEC Shotshell Reloaders | Shotgun Shell Reloading SuppliesOnce-Fired Remington Shotshell Hulls 12 Ga 2-3/4 - MPNRoll turnover/crimp tools : Shotshell, ReloadingVectan Reloading Data by Graf & Sons, Inc - Issuu

This is a total departure from loading recommendations for plastic shotshell cases, but all brass cases don t need internal support for stability of the top folding or roll crimp, as there isn t one. As long as you weigh (or measure) the powder charge and shot charge, the thickness of the felt wads is not that critical The hardcover Hodgdon Powder Shotshell Data Manual (Hodgdon Powder Company, 1996) has a few recipes for reloading 2″ and 2-1/2″ 12 gauge shells. It also has a couple of pages on setting up a Dremel tool in a hobby press to cut back 2-3/4″ cases to the proper length RCBS Small Base Die Set 223 Remington 2-Piece Small Base Sizer and Seater [11103] $41.19. View This item: Voenohot Star-Shape Shotshell Reloading Press Crimp 12 Gauage CDN$55.95. Ships from and sold by Calcoo Store. 12GA Roll Crimping Head + Adapter for Drills Shotgun Shell Reloading Crimp Reloader Gun Equipment 12. CDN$17.99. In Stock