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Lithium can be extracted from spodumene concentrates after roasting and acid roasting operations. A concentrate with at least 6% Li2O (approximately 75% spodumene) is suitable for roasting. Roasting is performed at about 1050°C, during which spodumene will go through a phase transformation from α-spodumene to β-spodumene. The α-spodumene is virtually refractory to hot acids Lithium is mainly sourced from either spodumene or brine. Australia is home to the majority of hard rock (spodumene) mines, while brine production is concentrated in South America, mainly in Chile and Argentina Obtain serum lithium concentration assay after 4 days, drawn 12 hours after the last oral dose. Adjust daily dosage based on serum lithium concentration and clinical response. Fine hand tremor, polyuria and mild thirst may occur during initial therapy for the acute manic phase, and may persist throughout treatment.. Lithium carbonate is a stable white powder that is a key intermediary in the lithium market because it can be converted into specific industrial salts and chemicals—or processed into pure lithium metal Lithium is highly soluble and, unlike sodium (Na), potassium (K), or calcium (Ca), does not readily produce evaporite minerals when concentrated by evaporation. Instead it ends up in residual brines in the shallow subsurface

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Having the lowest density of all metals, lithium is light and soft and floats on water. The lithium ion is also generally lighter, more efficient, and more durable than other battery chemicals,.. Lithium price spotlight. For more information on our full range of lithium prices and methodologies, click here. Fastmarkets and the London Metal Exchange are collaborating on the development of a lithium benchmark - a move that is unprecedented to date in the commodities markets. Our demonstration that we can keep pace with a rapidly evolving.

It could also involve the use of a direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology to produce a higher concentration, higher purity lithium concentrate from the leachate. From there, the high NaCl concentration de-lithiated leachate could be recycled to extract more lithium from fresh clay, meaning the net consumption of NaCl and water could be low Afterward, lithium tablets with higher lithium concentration largely replaced lithia water. However, the higher lithium concentration found in the tablets was associated with tremors and weakness, and in 1898 lithium toxicity was first described

Lithium toxicity is another term for a lithium overdose. It occurs when you take too much lithium, a mood-stabilizing medication used to treat bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder To reduce the time required for solar evaporation concentration, lithium will sometimes be precipitated as lithium phosphate, which precipitates more quickly than lithium carbonate due to its roughly 30-fold lower solubility. Lithium phosphate is then converted into battery-grade lithium hydroxide through an electrochemical process

Dried lithium concentrate is then processed in a rotary kiln (calciner) to convert the spodumene from alpha to beta phase, in order to make it more amenable to reaction In some cases, reverse osmosis (RO) is used to concentrate the lithium brine to speed up the evaporation process. Once the brine in an evaporation pond has reached an ideal lithium concentration, the brine is pumped to a lithium recovery facility for extraction. This process varies depending upon the brine field composition, but usually entails. Lithium Market. The Company remains focused on strong long-term demand fundamentals driven by continued growth in the electric vehicle (EV) segment and a recovery in the energy storage system (ESS) segment. Chinese conversion plants responded by seeking to destock, requiring Australian hard rock concentrate producers to immediately delay. Additionally, one also needs to consider that lithium concentrate is considerably higher in pegmatites (spodumene (LiAlSi 2 O 6) is found in pegmatites) at around 8%, than in brines, helping.. Lithium is supplied to industry in the form of lithium carbonate, sulfate, hydroxide, chloride, bromide, and butyllithium. It is crucial to determine accurate processes to obtain high-lithium grade concentrates prior to the development of new lithium-based technologies

The lithium concentration has improved to 9,474 mg/L (9.5 g/L) with significant rejection of impurities. The company said that the DLE process was developed by the principals of Beyond Lithium, a team of renowned South American lithium brine processing experts, who have developed a DLE technology to selectively extract lithium ions from brine The cost of producing concentrate at hard-rock lithium mines is generally lower than that of producing lithium chemical products from brines. In 2019, the average total cash cost across 11 operating hard-rock producers is expected to be US$2,540/t LCE, which compares with US$5,580/t LCE across nine brine operations Using solar evaporation, the lithium salts are concentrated in the brine and eventually routed to the next pond in the system. This step is continued multiple times, until the lithium concentration reaches a level high enough for conversion to lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide

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  1. Lithium Carbonate traded close to a near 3-year high of 90,000 yuan per tonne, buoyed by rising global demand for EVs, while supplies remained tight. Most economic recovery plans put forward by global leaders bet heavily on the EV industry to transform the transportation sector. European governments offer subsidies to electric-car buyers and sales of alternatively powered cars account now for.
  2. Lithium carbonate and lithium citrate are also used for the therapeutic treatment of psychiatric disorders, primarily in the acute and long-term maintenance treatment of bipolar mood disorders. A reference dose (RfD) or reference concentration (RfC) for lithium are not available o
  3. ance of absolute global supply. Apart from Australia, the only other country in Asia that produces concentrate is China, and we see little change to this dynamic over the co
  4. imum efficacious serum lithium level in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder was 0.4 mmol/L with optimal response achieved at serum levels between 0.6-0.75 mmol/L. Lithium levels >0.75 mmol/L may not confer additional protection against overall morbidity but may further improve control of inter-episode manic symptoms.
  5. Lithium outlook 2021: Demand. Most lithium demand comes from the battery sector, and even though demand for EVs was negatively impacted in the first few months of 2020, the EV revolution is a.

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Qinghai Salt Lake's net profit exceeded 2 billion yuan in H1 2021. Qinghai Salt Lake released its 2021 semi-annual performance forecast on July 6, which showed that the company is estimated to achieve a net profit of 2-2.2 billion yuan in H1 2021, an increase of 44.69% to 59.15% over the same period of the previous year Neutrons show a connection between lithium concentration and depression. Depressive disturbances are among the most frequent illnesses worldwide. The causes are complex and to date only partially. Lithium toxicity has been divided into three patterns: acute, acute-on-chronic and chronic with the two latter forms being more dangerous since they are associated with more time to distribute lithium to the CNS intracellular space. In mild lithium toxicity, symptoms include weakness, worsening tremor, mild ataxia, poor concentration and diarrhea

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Lithium compounds, also known as lithium salts, are primarily used as a psychiatric medication. They are primarily used to treat bipolar disorder and treat major depressive disorder that does not improve following the use of antidepressants. In these disorders, it reduces the risk of suicide. Lithium is taken orally. Common side effects include increased urination, shakiness of the hands, and. Lithium is a relatively abundant metallic element and is widely distributed at very low concentrations in various mineral compounds and salts in the earth's crust and in seawater. Trade in lithium is largely centred around key lithium raw materials and chemicals such as spodumene concentrate, lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide which. Obtained secondary lithium concentrate is used to obtain lithium carbonate or chloride, or fluoride, or lithium bromide, or lithium hydroxide monohydrate. EFFECT: invention makes it possible to process lithium-bearing concentrate in complex way. 5 cl, 4 dwg, 2 tbl, 17 e lithium brines - Typically derived from evaporative lakes and salars. The salars of Chile and Argentina have the highest lithium concentration in the 680-1570ppm range. The chemistry of saline brines is unique to each site and can change dramatically even within the same salar. lithium clays - Mainly hectoritencontaining 0.24-0.53% Li2O AMG's first lithium concentrate plant will supply 90,000 tons of lithium concentrate per annum, a key component in the production of lithium-ion batteries. AMG is presently finalizing detailed engineering and procuring long lead time equipment for the second 90,000 ton lithium concentrate plant, also located at the Mibra mine, with.

Similar emissions associated with mining and the mineral concentration plant gave an emissions intensity of 0.13 tCO2-e/ t concentrate, which GHD said is comparable with other similar lithium mine and concentrator projects Lithium Clays as a Source of Lithium and a Buffer for Lithium Concentration in Brines. We are collaborating with academic and industry geologists to develop a predictive model for lithium partitioning between lithium-bearing clays and lithium brines. We are conducting laboratory experiments to measure lithium partitioning between clays and brines The ELi process converts spodumene concentrate into a high purity lithium chloride solution, then uses electrolysis to produce high purity lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate Obtain serum lithium concentration assay after 3 days, drawn 12 hours after the last oral dose and regularly until patient is stabilized. Fine hand tremor, polyuria, and thirst may occur during initial therapy for the acute manic phase and may persist throughout treatment. Nausea and general discomfort may also appear during the first few days.

Norway's Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) has revealed it is moving into the lithium concentrate trade as demand for batteries rises. The company's 82,000-dwt combination carrier Barramundi. The lithium concentrate produced according to the method of this application is restricted to a level of about 1500 ppm. Therefore, there is a need to develop a process for further enriching the lithium concentration from 1500 ppm to about 15000 ppm, a minimum concentration suitable for producing lithium carbonate..

Events, Trends, and Issues: Excluding U.S. production, worldwide lithium production in 2019 decreased by 19% to 77,000 tons of lithium content from 95,000 tons of lithium content in 2018 in response to lithium production exceeding consumption and decreasing lithium prices. Global consumption of lithium in 2019 was estimated to be about 57,70 Lithium concentration in drinking water is a major factor that can affect its intake drastically. For example, in Chile, Li-rich salinas could contain up to 1,500 mg L -1 Li, and total Li intake may reach 10 mg per day without evidence of adverse effects to the local population. The Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) of Li is reported to be 0.02 mg. In clinical practice, the serum concentration of lithium requires the clinician to understand the risk-benefit ratio of lithium maintenance therapy. Low serum levels (0.4-0.6 mmol/L) may not be as efficacious as a higher serum level (0.8-1.1 mmol/L) however dropout rates are greater due to tolerability issues at this higher serum level

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In his vision, hundreds of northwest Gaston County acres will be home to the only spot in the world where people mine spodumene concentrate. It will then be converted to lithium chemicals on-site Lithium (from Greek: λίθος, romanized: lithos, lit. 'stone') is a chemical element with the symbol Li and atomic number 3. It is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal.Under standard conditions, it is the lightest metal and the lightest solid element.Like all alkali metals, lithium is highly reactive and flammable, and must be stored in vacuum, inert atmosphere or inert liquid such as.

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Piedmont Lithium (NASDAQ: PLL) is an Australian company that recently re-domiciled to the United States, in a move designed to place the company's headquarters in the same country as most of its. Yahua, by the way, has a deal in place to buy as much as 75,000 tons of lithium spodumene concentrate per year from Australian miner Core Lithium. Now what Lithium Price Assessment. Monthly Subscription: Price assessments and global market analysis on lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and spodumene concentrate.Tells you what is happening in the industry now. Includes online access to our lithium price database Lithium brines discovered in South America and other locations have become a more important source of lithium metal. Spodumene is also used as a gemstone, and in that use the color variety names of the mineral are used. Pink to purple spodumene is known as kunzite, green spodumene is known as hiddenite, and yellow spodumene is known as triphane The Greenbushes Lithium Operations has two processing plants; one producing technical-grade lithium concentrate and the other producing chemical-grade lithium concentrate. The ore is upgraded using gravity, heavy media, flotation and magnetic separation to produce these lithium concentrates according to the flowsheet shown in Fig. 8

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  2. e the price of lithium, and first we need to consider abundance. There's only as limited supply of this element, because it only makes up 0.0007 percent of the Earth's crust. Chile produces most of the element for the world market, with Australia co
  3. The ECA includes an Advanced Payment for lithium concentrate which will fund AMG Brazil's investment in the expansion. Sales prices under the agreement are indexed to the published market price.
  4. j 0 is a function of the lithium-ion concentration in the electrolyte c Li + EL and the concentrations of lithium ions, lithium vacancies, and electrons in the electrode c Li +, c V ′ Li, c e −, as well as the rate constants and activation energies for lithium insertion and extraction k in, k ex, E in, E ex, respectively, and can be.
  5. Lithium has a narrow therapeutic/toxic ratio and requires blood level monitoring, both to ensure efficacy and decrease the risk of toxic side-effects. The target serum concentration for lithium maintenance therapy ranges from 0.6 - 1.2 mM. At serum levels ≥1.5 mM there is a sharp increase in severe adverse effects
  6. Test work on Galan Lithium's (ASX: GLN) brine evaporation process at its flagship Hombre Muerto West project in Argentina has revealed a significant 25% increase in its lithium chloride concentrate grade to 6% lithium, or 32% lithium carbonate equivalent.. The company today emerged from a trading halt to unveil the exciting results, which topped the 4.8% lithium estimation announced in.

Despite these efforts, the price of spodumene concentrate (6% lithium) fell another 5% during October to average $480-$550 a tonne. In July last year, prices were above $900 a tonne. Benchmark. Lithium: Western Australia sees lithium hydroxide and spodumene concentrate developments. Posted 10th May 2021 in Industry news. By Allan Pedersen. During April and May, updates on key spodumene concentrate and lithium hydroxide developments were provided by the joint venture partners of these projects Spodumene mined from Western Australia is a feedstock material used in the production of lithium chemicals that go into batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Most of the spodumene mined in Western Australia is shipped to China where it is converted in lithium chemicals. Spodumene is mined and crushed to form a concentrate Methods: We identified 100 patients on long-term lithium therapy, as indicated by regular monitoring of lithium levels in our laboratory for at least 1 year. We determined how many of these patients had had serum calcium analysed, noting the assay date, concentration, source of request and clinical details stated

With such prolific lithium concentration in the resource's geothermal brine, CTR's Hell's Kitchen project will revolutionize the way the world seeks to meet the growing lithium demand, Mr. Muna said. This new, clean technology will reduce waste, minimize water usage, and help combat climate change, while it can also be used to. Production of lithium concentrate commenced July 2018 and the mine was officially opened September 2018. In October 2018, Altura completed its first shipment of approximately 5 kt of spodumene concentrate (>6% Li 2 O) and by December 2018 it had shipped 24 kt. The mine has a Stage 1 production capacity of 220 ktpa of spodumene concentrate and.

Lithium hard rock concentrate - less affected by rainfall or snow and able to offer lithium carbonate and hydroxide quality consistency - is also known as spodumene concentrate and has become an important raw material for most Chinese producers while showcasing that lithium hard-rock mines have the capacity to increase production faster than. Lithium is neither metabolized nor protein bound, thus its bioavailability usually is close to 100%. Moreover, lithium absorption is rapid. Serum lithium levels reflect only the extracellular lithium concentration. However, lithium exerts its effects once it has moved to its intracellular compartment We expect prices for lithium to pick-up next year, and lithium concentrate exports more than double by 2024. After dipping from $1.6 billion in 2018-19 to $0.6 billion in 2020-21, rising.

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PERTH, Australia, March 11, 2016 /CNW/ - Galaxy Resources Ltd (ASX: GXY) (Galaxy) (the Company) advises that it has released an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) titled Binding Lithium Concentrate Agreements Signed. The announcement was released on the ASX on 8 March 2016.. The announcement can be viewed and downloaded from Lithium outlook 2021: Demand. Most lithium demand comes from the battery sector, and even though demand for EVs was negatively impacted in the first few months of 2020, the EV revolution is a. Spodumene is a mineral from which lithium can be produced. Read more Forecast of the spodumene concentrate price from 2016 to 2020 (in U.S. dollars per metric ton

Therefore, based on their supply/demand modelling, they forecast lithium carbonate prices to rise from US$6,000/t in 2015 to US$10,500/t in 2025, with spodumene concentrate prices expected to experience a similar increase from US$450/t in 2015 to US$725/t in 2025. Under their bull case demand scenario, they forecast lithium carbonate. Since the lithium concentration in the brain is usually very low, it is also very difficult to understand. Dr Jutta Schöpfer of the LMU Munich Institute for Forensic Medicine, said: Until now it wasn't possible to detect such small traces of lithium in the brain in a spatially resolved manner. One special aspect of the investigation using.

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  1. Lithium is a mood stabilizer medication that works in the brain. It is approved for the treatment of bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression). Bipolar disorder involves episodes of depression and/or mania. Symptoms of depression include: Depressed mood — feeling sad, empty, or tearful
  2. erals concentrate producer, supplying product for the clean energy revolution. We are a private company owned by two companies under a joint venture arrangement Tianqi Lithium Corporation / IGO Limited JV (51%) and Albemarle Corporation (49%)
  3. This concentration step is usually achieved through a combination of gravity and flotation processes with final concentrate grades for subsequent lithium salt production required to be in the 5-6% Li 2 O range. The concentrate is then roasted at over 1,000°C to alter the crystal structure of the spodumene, potentially leached with sulphuric.
  4. In September, Piedmont Lithium, led by CEO Keith Phillips, agreed to sell a third of its total production of spodumene concentrate (also known as SC6) to Tesla each year for five years, making.
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  6. While generally higher on the cost curve than brine operations, spodumene concentrate is converted into battery-grade lithium hydroxide which trades at around $16,000 per tonne ex-works in China.

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  1. With the opportunity to develop lithium from the Salton Sea in California, the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Lithium Extraction (Lithium Valley Commission) is directed to review, investigate, and analyze opportunities and benefits for lithium recovery and use in the state. A final report is due to the State Legislature by October 1, 2022
  2. Talison's Greenbushes Lithium Operation produces two categories of lithium concentrates: technical-grade lithium concentrates - low iron content for use in the manufacture of glass, ceramics and heat-proof cookware; and high yielding chemical-grade lithium concentrate - used to produce lithium chemicals which form the basis for manufacture lithium-ion batteries for laptop computers, mobile.
  3. Lithium (Eskalith, Lithobid) is one of the most widely used and studied medications for treating bipolar disorder.Lithium helps reduce the severity and frequency of mania.It may also help relieve.
  4. imum of 6 hours (if the serum lithium concentration cannot be measured)
  5. The Relationship Between Extra- and Intracellular Lithium Concentration in Human Red Blood Cells: an in Vitro Study. British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 131, Issue. 1, p. British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 131, Issue. 1, p

Obtain serum lithium concentration assay after 4 days, drawn 12 hours after the last oral dose. Adjust daily dosage based on serum lithium concentration and clinical response. Fine hand tremor, polyuria and mild thirst may occur during initial therapy for the acute manic phase, and may persist throughout treatment At present, the company is changing its focus from upstream lithium concentrate to a more integrated lithium battery theme. Lithium. lithium ore. battery. production capacity. For queries, please contact Frank LIU at liuxiaolei@smm.cn. For more information on how to access our research reports, please email service.en@smm.cn

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This chapter is concerned with how laboratory measurement of drug concentration in blood helps in determining correct drug dose. Such an approach is either unnecessary or unsuitable for most drug therapies, but for a limited number of drugs including lithium, digoxin and theophylline, measurement of serum or plasma concentration is the preferred method of optimising dosage and preventing. DESCRIPTION. Lithium Carbonate Extended-Release Tablets USP contain lithium carbonate, a white odorless alkaline powder with molecular formula Li 2 CO 3 and molecular weight 73.89. Lithium is an element of the alkali-metal group with atomic number 3, atomic weight 6.94, and an emission line at 671 nm on the flame photometer Avoid lithium concentrations above 1.5 mEq/L whenever possible.[41087] [41097] Serum lithium concentrations should not be permitted to exceed 2 mEq/L.[54241] A concentration above 3 mEq/L is considered a medical emergency; serum concentrations above 3 mEq/L may be associated with multiple organ involvement, changes in mental status, coma, and.

According to the terms of the agreement, Piedmont will supply spodumene concentrate (a rock rich in lithium) to Tesla for at least five years, but possibly as long as 10 years, extracting the. China's Jiangxi Ganfeng is a partner in the mine and the sole buyer of the spodumene concentrate, including a lower grade 4r per cent product. The lithium business is under pressure, we all know.

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The lithium concentration did not decrease during CVVH therapy (Fig. 1). According to the Dutch guidelines, to remove lithium, iHD is recommended over CVVH in patients with CKD and lithium concentrations of 2.5-4.0 mmol/L . Despite this recommendation, we did not introduce iHD immediately; CVVH was started based on her neurological condition Lithium. Historical Statistics for Mineral and Material Commodities in the United States. Data Series 140. Lithium. Lithium--For Harnessing Renewable Energy. Fact Sheet 2014-3035. Lithium use in batteries. Circular 1371. Material Use in the United States-Selected Case Studies for Cadmium, Cobalt, Lithium, and Nickel in Rechargeable Batteries Tuscany, where the lithium concentration in drink-ing water was 2.61 μg/L, a relatively low value. Of note, there were no suicide deaths reported in Caro-nia in Sicily, with a relatively high lithium concentra-tion (15.2 μg/L), but also not at Sant ' Agata Feltria in northeastern Italy, where the lithium concentra

Dense Media Separation (DMS) and Flotation Locked-Cycle (LCT) testing produced a high quality spodumene concentrate product with an average grade of 7.2% lithium oxide (Li 2 O), iron oxide. Lithium is an important treatment for bipolar disorder. It can help to control moods, but it can also have adverse effects. Some reports suggest that lithium can affect thinking and memory LITHIUM HYDROXIDE MONOHYDRATE neutralizes acids exothermically to form salts plus water. Reacts with certain metals (such as aluminum and zinc) to form oxides or hydroxides of the metal and generate gaseous hydrogen. May initiate polymerization reactions in polymerizable organic compounds, especially epoxides

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The Greenbushes mining operations has three processing plants, one producing technical grade lithium concentrates and two producing chemical grade lithium concentrate. Ore containing Li2O is fed into the processing plants which upgrade the lithium mineral, using gravity, heavy media, flotation and magnetic processes, into a range of lithium. Lithium intercalation decreases the thermal conductivity of graphite anodes. Large lithiation gradients in graphite anodes at a moderate charge rate (1C) The development of battery sensing techniques is crucial for safe, reliable, and fast operation of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). There is a growing realization that the spatially averaged chemical information provided by existing battery.

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During January, Alliance achieved record monthly production of 13,160t of lithium concentrate grading 6.15%. The company shipped around 23,000t of concentrate in February which was expected to bring in about $26 million revenue. A further 30,000t of lithium concentrate is expected or ready to be shipped before the end of the March quarter Serum lithium should be monitored 12 hours after dose, twice weekly until serum concentration and clinical condition stabilize, and every other month thereafter. Increase dose as tolerated to target serum lithium concentrations of 0.8-1.2 mEq/L (acute goal) or 0.8-1.0 mEq/L (maintenance goal) Huntington's Disease (Orphan Little is known about how lithium should be dosed to achieve therapeutic but safe serum concentrations in older adults. In this paper, we investigate how the lithium dose-concentration ratio changes across the lifespan. This was a cross-sectional analysis of 63 current lithium users aged 20-95 years using data from McGLIDICS (the McGill Geriatric Lithium-Induced Diabetes Insipidus Clinical. The exposure to lithium was determined according to the lithium levels/concentration in drinking water, or the log lithium level; and the outcome variable was either a standardised regression coefficient of SMR or suicide mortality rate. All analyses were carried out in R 3.5.0 (run on the Windows platform) 20 using the metafor package

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The pilot program will target production of a large sample of spodumene concentrate with at least 6.0% Li 2 O and less than 1.0% Fe 2 O 3 for use in future pilot-scale lithium hydroxide testwork. Lithium carbonate derived from brine operations can be used directly to make lithium-ion batteries, but a hard-rock, spodumene concentrate needs to be further refined before it can be used in.

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Eluant 416 comprises a low concentration lithium product eluant (as neutral salts, generally lithium chloride) in water at a concentration from about 0 mg/kg to about 1000 mg/kg lithium and at temperatures of about 5° C. to about 100° C. Properly tuned, the enhanced lithium product stream 417 will have a lithium concentration 10- to 20-fold. Detection of blood lithium concentration. The elimination half-life of lithium averages approximately 20-24 hrs, and steady-state concentrationsare reached after 5-7 days. 6,18 Therefore, the steady-state blood lithium concentration was measured after administration of oral lithium carbonate 1.0 g/d for 1 week. Blood samples were taken from. All lithium preparations vary widely in bioavailability and lack of clarity over which preparation is intended can lead to the person receiving a subtherapeutic or toxic dose. The lithium dose is usually adjusted to achieve a plasma level of 0.6 mmol/L to 1 mmol/L. A serum lithium level of 0.6-0.8 mmol/L is suitable for people who are being. Transcribed image text: The lithium concentration in serum taken from a patient being treated with lithium for manic-depressive illness was analyzed using flame emission spectroscopy. A sample of the serum gave a reading of 328 units for the intensity of the 671 nm red emission line. Then, 1.00 mL of a 10.8 mM lithium standard was added to 9.00 mL of serum The company said samples taken from between 0.37 miles (600m) to 3.2 miles (5.2km) deep indicated the best overall chemical qualities for lithium encountered in published records for geothermal.

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