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  1. Tawang To Bomdila Outstation (Roundtrip) Car/Cab Rental Services. This is the 20% amount of the total trip cost, which is you can pay in advance. Approx. Roundtrip distance : 344 Kms. CCR Transparency : 1. One day means one calendar day (12 midnight to 12 midnight). 2
  2. Distance between Tawang and Bomdila: 180 km (6 hours) The last day at Tawang, we had started to ascend. The night before, I had a mild attack of AMS. It is Bum La that cast her spell if I can reason it correctly. Nonetheless, I am glad I did it and was finally going down the next day..
  3. Road Trip To Tawang via Kalaktang-An Offbeat Route. Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed. It is located at a distance of 183 Kms from Bomdila and is situated at an altitude of 3500 metres above sea level. It's not only a natural paradise it is a unique combination of Buddhist culture and Tibetan heritage
  4. The distance from Tezpur to Tawang is 350 km and the journey takes about 14 hours, covered over two days. The journey to Tawang is a steep ascent most of the way and is barely one lane wide in many places. and were greeted by cries of Bomdila-Tawang, Bomdila-Tawang!! from the local tour operators running Tata Sumos for the journey. We.
  5. Guwahati to Tawang Road Trip map via Bhalukpong. Guwahati→ Tezpur → Nameri → Bhalukpong → Bomdila → Dirang → Tawang. Distance: 509 kilometres. The road to Tawang via Tezpur is the old route and frequented by most vehicle. You can find shared Tata Sumos or Buses to Bomdila from Tezpur via this road
  6. Bomdila is the headquarters of the West Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. See the GRL monastery in Bomdila divided into Upper Gompa, Middle gompa and Lower Gompa. Tawang: On the way to Tawang cross 'Sela Pass', 13700 ft, the highest motorable road in North East India. Thereafter visit Jaswant Garh named after the legendary soldier of Indian.

Usually, tourists first reach Guwahati from there take a bus or cab to reach Tawang. It is a long journey, so it would be a good idea to divide it into two parts. By Roadways : From Tezpur (Assam) and Bomdila, you can easily get buses, taxis, and shared taxis to reach Tawang. The journey to Tawang by road is an arduous one It is located at a distance of 183 Kms from Bomdila and is situated at an altitude of 3500 metres above sea level. The natural beauty and solitude of Gudpi and Chong-Chugmi ranges, Tawang chu River and Tawang valley are very mesmerizing Day 3: Bomdila to Tawang Rent a cab and head to Tawang, first thing in the morning. The drive will take anywhere between eight and 11 hours depending on the weather and road conditions

After Bomdila, your next destination should be Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.Tawang is located at an elevation of 13,000 feet with the sea level and a distance of 180 kilometers uphill from Bomdila. Tawang is a Tibetan word which means chosen by horse.. When your journey starts towards Tawang, it may not be an easy journey If Tawang is portrayed as the highlight of any Arunachal pradesh travel package, Bomdila is considered as a stop over. It is difficult to reach Tawang from Guwahati or Tezpur in one day. Hence, it is recommended to stop in Bomdila for one night. Most of the travelers reach Bomdila in evening and leave for Tawang the next day

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  1. Gorichen Peak. At 6858 metres this is the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh and is situated on the border with China in Tawang District at a distance of 164 kilometres from Tawang township. For trekkers, a trek to Chokersam (14,700 feet) base camp can offer a mesmerizing view of the Gorichen Peak. A word of caution - a trek to the Gorichen.
  2. The road distance between Tezpur and Tawang is 330 km, so the journey takes 10 to 12 hours. You can get a flight to Tezpur from major cities like Kolkata and Silchar. However, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati, is a better option as it is well connected with major cities of India
  3. Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed. It is located at a distance of 183 Kms from Bomdila and is situated at an altitude of 3500 metres above sea level. The natural beauty and solitude of Gudpi and Chong-Chugmi ranges, Tawang chu River and Tawang valley are very mesmerizing
  4. Shared jeeps are also available from Tezpur to Bomdila. Bomdila - Dirang - Tawang. From Bomdila, you will have two options. Buses start from Bomdila at around 5.30 am while shared sumos starts from about 6.00 am. Sumo from Bomdila to Tawang takes about 8 hours to reach while buses can take up to 10 hours
  5. ent place. Try to visit the Monastery or Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (cover both if time permits)

Bomdila is located at 27.25°N 92.4°E. It has an average elevation of 2217 metres (7273 feet). Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed. It is located at a distance of 183 Kms from Bomdila and is situated at an altitude of 3500 metres above sea level o ver night stay tawang. day 6:-tawang - bomdila via dirang [one way road distance approximately 200kms,driving time 6hrs to 7hrs] a fter morning breakfat checkout from hotel / guest house & start backward journey to bomdila via dirang

After a good time spent around Tawang, we retire for the day and stay overnight at a hotel. Day 5: Tawang To Bomdila. Distance covered- 180 km. Time- 6-7 Hrs. Like our routine alarm rings up, we leave Tawang by 8 am after some warm chai and breakfast. En route, we would be spotting the Indo-Chinese War Memorial. The beauty of their traditions. You can get a glimpse of this peak on a clear day when you are travelling from Bomdila towards Tawang. Gorichen Peak is one of the top tourist attractions in Tawang and is also considered sacred by the Monpa tribe who believe that this peak protects them from all harm. Distance from Tawang: 56km It is the peak located at good distance of 164 Kms from Tawang. It is the highest peak of Arunachal Pradesh famous for trekking and natural sceneries. April to October is the best period to visit the Gori Chen. This comes on route from Bomdila to Tawang. The view is awesome. Read more. Written August 24, 2015 Route: Tawang-Dirang-Tezpur-Guwahati. Distance: 137 km, 191 km, 164 km. Time: 6 hours, 5 hours, 4 hours. Bomdila, Dirang and Tawang. You will also find roadside dhabas in these towns; be sure. TAWANG. Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed. It is located at a distance of 185 km from Bomdila and is situated at an altitude of 3025 m above sea level. The natural beauty and solitude of Gudpi and Chong-Chugmi ranges, Tawang Chu River and Tawang Valley are very mesmerising

About 2 Kms from the town is the Tawang Monastery. The Monastery is the second biggest and oldest in Asia and is known as the Tawang Ganden Namgyal Lhatse i.e., the celestial paradise of divine site chosen by the horse was founded by Merag Lodroe Gyamtso in the year 1680-81. The Dalai Lama gave him [ Get the distance between Itanagar and Bomdila and determine the travel time from Itanagar to Bomdila. Know how to reach Bomdila from Itanagar At a distance of 37km from Tawang we reach Bum La Pass which is the Indo-China border, at an altitude of 15,200ft. Thereafter Heart Lake, PTSO Lake, Naghula Lake, a visit to these lakes will surely add to your memories. After sightseeing, retire to your hotel for overnight stay. Day6 Tawang to Bomdila (185Km/8hrs 1N Bhalukpong , 1N Dirang , 2N Tawang , 1N Bomdila and 1N Tezpur. 7 days. Check Final Price. Arunachal Pradesh - One of the most beautiful hill station of North East India, offers wide range of endangered wildlife, species and fabulous natural beauties

The entire distance from Guwahati in Assam to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, via Bhalukpong is around 510 kms. The travel time depends on your driving or riding skills and also the road conditions. Since most of the route after entering Arunachal Pradesh is what we call mountain road, there are chances of getting stuck for road blockage due to. Tawang-Bhalukpong-Bomdila - Car Rental Agency In Guwahati | Taxi Service In Shillong. 8N/9D TOUR PACKAGE FOR KAZIRANGA-NAMERI- TAWANG - BHALUKPONG-BOMDILA-DIRANG. DAY1:GUWAHATI-KAZIRANGA. On arrival at Guwahati, proceed straight to Kaziranga National Park (5 hr 30 min). En route, halt and stretch your legs

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Bomdila is a small Buddhist town nestled high up within the mighty snow-clad Himalayas in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. Bomdila is situated at an altitude of around 8,500 feet above sea-level (2750 m) and is also the gateway to Tawang. There are two entry points to reach Dombila Day 6: Tawang - Bomdila (Distance = 177 km - Time = 6 hours.) On Day 6, head back to Bomdila it will take around 6 hr to reach Bomdila (excluding halts). But there is the last place to visit in Tawang is the Nuranang falls. you must see visit this place. This waterfall is also known as Bong Bong falls. This fall is located on the Tawang to. Distance from Tawang to Bomdila: 171 km. Time taken from Tawang to Bomdila: 6 hours 22 mins. 1 of 2 . 2 of 2 . 1 of 2 . 2 of 2 . Day 7. Guwahati: Departure. Airport/railway transfers; Drop off; Other Benefits (On Arrival) Breakfast Departure. The 7th day marks the last day of your tour. These falls are situated at a distance of two kilometers from the Jang town on the road connecting Tawang and Bomdila, and this is why it is also called the Jung Falls. There is a Hydel Plant along the base of the falls to generate electricity for local use. The locals believe that both the Nuranang river and Nuranang falls were named after. Distance from Tawang 488 Km - 8 Hrs, 59 mins Best Time to Visit Guwahat

After Bomdila, BRO is widening the roads in some areas, so expect slushy roads. If you love your motorbike, travel by a taxi/bus from Tezpur. Get around . Getting around in Tawang can be divided into two categories. First one is travel to local sites like Tawang Monastery, War Memorial, Emporium etc Distance: 87km from Tawang. Zemithang Valley: Zemithang valley is one the most beautiful valleys of Arunachal Pradesh on the bank of river Namjang Chu. Distance: 89km from Tawang. Khinmey-gompa: Another beautiful tourist's attraction to visit in Tawang district is Khinmey Gompa. This is one of the famous monastery to visit in this region Amazing, Siliguri to Tawang is a long ride. Stop near Srirampur Border if needed lunch or a break there is awesome dhaba (Bablu Dhaba). Amazing chai and food is fab.You will love the vibe there. I guess you will be following Kalktang route to reac.. Distance from Bhalukpong. to Guwahati - 250 km to Tezpur - 56 km to Bomdila - 100 km to Tawang - 282 km to Dirang - 143 km. Send Query !!! Tags: Bhalukpong, the boarder town between Assam and Arunachal, sight seeing, accommodation, nearby places and other travel information. Tawang is inhabited by the Monpa people.From 500 BC to 600 AD a kingdom known as Lhomon or Monyul ruled the area. The Monyul kingdom was later absorbed into the control of neighbouring Bhutan and Tibet.. Tawang Monastery was founded by the Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681 in accordance with the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama, Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, and has an interesting legend surrounding its.

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The altitude is 13700 ft apprx. Its famous for high altitude lakes, and picturesque views and ideal for trekking. Bangajung Gonpa is the main budhist cultural centre here. Distance is 100KM from Bomdila. Bus services and Taxis are available from Bomdila and Dirang. Accommodation is provided at a rest house. Weather is cold round the winter The road distance between Tezpur and Tawang is 330 km, so the journey takes 10 to 12 hours. You can get a flight to Tezpur from major cities like Kolkata and Silchar. However, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati, is a better option as it is well connected with major cities of India Dirang is located about midway between Tezpur and Tawang. The distance from different places is given below. to Tawang - 138 km to Bomdila - 43 km to Bhalukpong - 144 km to Tezpur - 200 km. Tourist Activity. The view of the valley is mesmerizing in itself. There is a bridge over the river Kameng and on the other side you can see beautiful paddy. Even in Tawang, this is close enough to the truth. It was also close enough to the truth to assume that dawn broke when the zenith was 90 degrees to the west of the sun and sunset was when the zenith moved 90 degrees to the east of the sun. A little correction, and that gave us 10 hours to cover the relatively small distance from Tawang to. The Inner Line Permit (ILP) has to be obtained by everyone (Indians and Foreigners) who enter Arunachal Pradesh. You should also know that this is a long road trip and the total distance from Guwahati to Tawang is around 510km and can't be covered at a stretch. So, you have to make one or two night halts before reaching the final place

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Tawang Monastery, located in Tawang city of Tawang district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is the largest monastery in India and second largest in the world after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.It is situated in the valley of the Tawang Chu, near the small town of the same name in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh, in close proximity to the Chinese and Bhutanese border The distance between Tawang and Guwahati (Assam) is 525 kilometers by road. There are daily taxis and bus service via Tezpur, Bhalukpong, and Bomdila. It takes more than 12 hours to reach, depending upon the road condition. Therefore, it is not possible to reach Tawang on the same day. Guwahati to Tezpur or Kaziranga: Day

By Road:The 543 Kms. long Guwahati-Tawang road journey is quite long and takes around14-16 hours. The long duration of the journey makes it necessary to have a break in the form of night halt en-route. The suggested road travel plans are described below: Passengers arriving at Guwahati on or before 12 P.M. and preferring to travel on the same day Via Old Route | Guwahati - Tezpur - Bhalukpong - Bomdila - Tawang. Until a few years back, this used to be the only way to reach Tawang. Distance between Guwahati to Tawang through this route is just 510 km but considering the terrain, it is difficult to reach on the same day

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The top places near to Bomdila are Tawang which is 64 km from Bomdila, Bhalukpong which is located 35 km from Bomdila, Orang national park which is located 72 km from Bomdila, Kaziranga national park which is located 127 km from Bomdila, Guwahati which is located 141 km from Bomdila Tawang is a town situated at an elevation of approximately 3,048 metres Dirang is located on a picturesque valley in between Bomdilla and Tawang and due to its lower altitude than Bomdila the weather is much milder & comfortable, which is situated at a distance about 28 km from Dirang. Dirang features unique flora & fauna, numerous. Day 6-Morning transfer Bomdila on the way sightseen Jung falls & jung lake ,Bomdila upper monastry.Tawang to Bomdila distance 172km apx.on the way.Night stay at Bomdila. Day 7-Morning by walk visit Bomdila lower monestry & after b/f transfer Tezpur. Bomdila to Tezpur distance by road 154km apx

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Tawang is the unique holiday destination that holds a unique slab in both histories as well as in the lap of the nature. Situated at a distance of 183 Kms from the Bomdila and located at a height of 3,500 meters above the sea level, it offers the best of all Arunachal tours. Explore Tawang with Thrillophila for a memorable and fascinating. DAY 05: TAWANG - BOMDILA. Have your breakfast and transfer to Bomdila (170kms / 8hrs). While returning visit Nuranng Falls - some 100 meters high, which is located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in this part of the country, yet is unknown to many travelers Tezpur (tejpur) to Tawang distance is 325 km.It will take 13 hours by road due to hilly area, curves and bad road.This journey was started by Shared Sumo fro.. TAWANG :Tawang is a high altitude hill station located in North- Western part of Arunachal Pradesh at an elevation of 2669 meters (8757 ft) The town is situated at an distance of 100 kms from Bomdila , 53 kms from Tezpur and 5 kms from Tippi. This place is situated on the bank of Kameng River and exhibits an unmatchel level of scenic beauty. Day 7-Morning transfer Bomdila on the way sightseen Jung falls & jung lake ,Bomdila upper monastry.Tawang to Bomdila distance 172km apx.on the way.Night stay at Bomdila. Day 8-Morning by walk visit Bomdila lower monestry & after b/f transfer Tezpur.Bomdila to Tezpur distance by road 154km apx

See the distance between Bomdila and Guwahati with map locating shortest roads and directions from Bomdila to Guwahati. Also check distance from Bomdila to Guwahati and Bomdila to other major. The total trip from Guwahati to Tawang and back should be for about seven days. Could anyone suggest a good itinerary and how much the transport is likely to cost (e.g. we get a taxi to drop us in Tawang)? Our preferred itinerary is. Day1: leave Guwahati, reach Bomdila (or some other town) Day2: leave there and reach Tawang . Day3-4: Tawang Day 8 Transfer from Tawang to Bomdila - Early morning breakfast - It is approximately 180 kilometers i.e. 06 hours drive by road - Morning drive back to Bomdila - Bomdila is located in the northwestern part of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, in the northeastern region of India - Small town of Bomdila is perched amongst the panoramic settings of. The distance from Bhalukpung to dirang is almost 140 kms. and around 5 hours journey to reach. On the way you may visit Tippi On the banks of the river Jia Bharali at an elevation of 190 Mtrs is Tippi, an orchidarium with over 7500 orchids. After Breakfast transfer to Bomdila which is almost 170 kms. from Tawang and will take 6 hours to. Day 08: TAWANG BOMDILA After Breakfast transfer to Bomdila. Check in the hotel on arrival. After lunch visit Gontse Rabgyaling Monastery (Upper Gonpa), Thub-Chog Gatsel Ling Monastery (Lower Gonpa), Bomdila View Point. Bomdila offers wonderfully panoramic view of Himalayan landscapes and snow clad ranges. Evening you can visit the local market

Tawang Holiday/Tawang Inn (₹1900 per night): this hotel to enjoy the outstanding beauty of Tawang. The Oak Tawang (₹1700 per night): This is a comfortable hotel with up to date facilities. If you are with your family you can book The Oak Tawang. Lungta Residence, Bomdila(₹ 1500 per night): This is a pleasant hotel for all kinds of tourists The distance between Shillong and Bomdila is 196 km. The road distance is 387.2 km. Get driving directions How do I travel from Shillong to Bomdila without a car? The best way to get from Shillong to Bomdila without a car is to bus and night train and taxi which takes 10h 22m and costs ₹4,400 - ₹5,500..

After Breakfast transfer to Tawang which is almost 170 Kms. from Bomdila and will take almost 6 hours to reach the destination. On arrival check in a hotel. On the way you can visit Bomdila viewpoint. Bomdila offers wonderfully panoramic view of Himalayan landscapes, Sessa Orchid Sanctury and Snow-Clad ranges NTS. Your trusted travel companion Call us, we are open 24 x 7 +91 943 504 5113 +91 981 030 2762. MEN Tawang to Bomdila (185Km/8hrs) In the morning after breakfast, we will proceed towards Bomdila which is at a distance of 185km and an alttitude of 8000ft. After visiting the Bomdila Monastery, you will feel your soul immersed in spirituality. ou will also witness the serene beauty of Bomdila from Bomdila View Point Bomdila: On the way to Tawang , situated at height of 8500 ft (distance from Tezpur 180 kms), Bomdila is a picturesque town in the foothills of Himalayas. It is the headquarter of West Kameng District and the land of the Monpa, Sherdukpen, Aka (Hrusso), Miji and Bogun (Khawas) tribes. One can see the brilliant landscape and snow-clad Gorichen ranges of the Himalaya on a clear day Bomdila can be easily reached via roadways from either Tezpur or Guwahati. Bomdila is located at a distance of 150 kilometres from Tezpur and you can travel via national highway 15, 13. Whereas, Bomdila is located at a distance of 330 kilometres from Guwahati and you can reach the destination via national highway 15, 27, 715 connecting with 13

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Buses and Taxi ply regularly between Tezpur (Assam) and Bomdila, and Tawang. It takes about 12 hours to reach Tawang from Tezpur. In addition to private taxis, shared taxis are also available From Tezpur (Assam) and Bomdila, you can easily get buses, taxis, and shared taxis to reach Tawang. By Air. Arunachal Pradesh does not have its own operating airport. The nearest airport is Salonibari Airport in Tezpur located at a distance of 317 km from Tawang. Air India Regional flights operate to/from Kolkata and Silchar The distance between Tezpur and Bomdila is around 5 hours via Chariduar- Tawang Road. After driving up to a certain distance, Bomdila is the best discovered on foot up and down strolling on the roads or steep staircases. When you reach Bomdila, you can explore a lot of local food such as thukpa, momos, and noodles Day 6 - Tawang-Bomdila And since only one stop was planned so the distance to cover per day was a little longer than while coming towards Tawang. Weather was much clearer during return. Pic 8 - Sela Pass. Day 7 - Bomdila to Guwahati. And now this was the last day on the road! The Weather felt altogether different in Guwahati after few.

In the interest of reducing distance, the Railways have recommended that two lane roads should be built parallely on the line. Fun and Fiesta Tour - Tawang, Guwahati, Bomdila and More ₹ 27,550. 12% off ₹24,244 per adult on twin sharing CUSTOMIZE & BOOK. 7 Days / 6 Nights The Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary is also worth visiting and it is situated a short distance away. A village called Tawang which is near Bomdila is home to a 400 year old monastery.Best time to visit Bomdila is from April to October On the way to Tawang , situated at height of 8500 ft (distance from Tezpur 180 kms), Bomdila is a picturesque town in the foothills of Himalayas and the headquarter of West Kameng District the land of the Monpa, Sherdukpen, Aka (Hrusso), Miji and Bogun (Khawas) tribes. One can see the brilliant landscape and snow-clad Gorichen ranges of the Himalaya on a clear day This is offbeat travel at its best. Distance between Tawang and Thonglek is around 25 kms. In case rural travel excites you, considering staying in Thonglek is not a bad idea after all! Surprises galore in Tawang tour! 47. Dirang- Bomdila-Sela Pass-Tawang Circuit - Road Trip To Tawang. The road journey to Tawang is a long but not dull Places Around Bomdila. The small town of Tawang is located north of Bomdila and the journey from Bomdila to Tawang takes the traveler through some breathtaking mountainous terrain. Tawang is perched at a height of over 3,400 m above sea level, and is world-renowned for its 400-year-old Buddhist monastery

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The railway station is also Tezpur, which offers trains to Tawang. The roads are connected to Tawang as well, and you could take buses that go to and fro very frequently between Tawang and places like Bomdila, Assam. Photo by Dhrubazaanphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0 What to Do and See in Tawang. Sela Pas day6:tawang-bomdila After breakfast drive to Bomdila (230kms/6hrs), a place of misty mountains, lush forest, apple orchards and Buddhist monasteries. Bomdila , trhe district HQ of the West Kameng district, it situated at a height of 2,530m Hike up R. R. Hill, the highest point of Bomdila, from where one can view the roads leading to Bhutan and Tawang. Bomdila View Point is also a must visit for stunning views of the Nechipu Pass, the West Kameng Valley, and the majestic mountains in the distance. 2. Go Bird Watching at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuar

A sceneries destination to make your trip a picturesque one. Tawang district is situated in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh. Twang is elevated to approximately 3,048 meters (10,000 ft) above sea level. History of Tawang The name Tawang means 'Chosen Horse'. Tawang was historically a part of Tibet an Situated at an altitude of 3048 meters to the east of Bhutan, amidst the magnificent mountains, the town of Tawang is equally claimed by both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India as a part of South Tibet. Located approximately 555 kilometres from Guwahati, Tawang is an excellent destination showcasing Buddhism and its principles in all its essence. The place will wrap you. The Guwahati - Arunachal Pradesh tour's day-based itinerary will be as follow: Day 1 - Guwahati to Bomdila / Dirang. Day 2 - Bomdila / Dirang to Tawang. Day 3 - Explore Things to see in Tawang. Day 4 - Tawang - PT Tso - Shungestar Lake (Madhuri Lake) - Bum La (India - China border) - Tawang. Day 5 - Tawang to Bomdila. How to reach tawang- Opt for a road trip, it's Worth the time. Transport — hire an Innova car or sumo. Break your journey as the distance between Guwahati and Tawang is quite a bit. Arrive at Guwahati first and stay for a night at Bomdila. Always remember to have an inner land border permit ready at hand before leaving

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Sela is enroute from Bomdila to Tawang. You see entrance to Sela Pass which is at 13700 feet above sea level. You see me with our driver. Route is Tejpur, Tenga Valley, Bomdila, Dhirang, Sela, Jeng Falls, Tawang Origin : Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Destination: Tezpur, Assam, India. Today, it is quite common that prior to moving out you need Distance From Tawang to Tezpur and for that you can use our amazing and accurate, Distance by road from Tawang to Tezpur.. Read more > > > About this blog: A road trip from the plains of Guwahati to the high of the Tawang is a time consuming yet rewarding journey showcasing the very best of Northeast India! In this blog, I tell you how to plan the road-trip to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh as a part of a DIY trip. Tawang remains the most sought after destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, North East India 1. Re: New two lane good quality road from Bomdila to Guwahati. Yes, the new road is good but it is only upto Bomdila. The road from Bomdila to Tawang is bad again. Shergaon is a small town, no hotels. There are hotels in Bomdila, just 2hrs away. 2. Re: New two lane good quality road from Bomdila to Guwahati Bomdila can be reached from Tezpur (180 KM)by road. The road is very bad in patches, therefore the travel takes about 5-6 hours if you are not held up by untimely landslides. If returning from Tawang (160 KM), the travel takes about 4-5 hours depending on the prevalent condition of the road

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3. Bomdila As you go on towards Dirang, do pay a visit to Bomdila. This place is known for the exotic and rare birds. 4. Dirang Dirang is a town in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is located about 43 km from Bomdila on the way to Tawang. This place might surprise you with a plethora of options to visit The nearest airport to Bomdila is at Tezpur, which is located at a distance of 300 km. The airport at Tezpur is connected to Kolkata and Silchar by weekly flights. Private cab and taxis are available at the Tezpur airport to go onwards to Bomdila. We help you to arrange cab at any time to visit Bomdila. Book a cab with us . By Railway Tawang Tour Duration: 6 Nights / 7 Days. Places to visit in Tawang Trip: Bhalukpong 1N / Dirang 1N / Tawang 3N / Bomdila 1N . Pickup & Drop: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport [GAU] / Guwahati Railway Station Salonibari Airport (Tezpur Airport) [TEZ] / Tezpur Railway Station . Altitude of Tawang: 3,048 m [Coordinates - 27.5861° N, 91.8594° E

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Tawang has a number of attractions that are uniquely awe striking and imprint themselves in the memories of tourists who visit here. Paradise Lake is a still freshwater lake that is surrounded by mountains. The water here is crystal clear and breezes are cold. A short distance from Paradise Lake is Sela Pass which is a popular tourist destination In Tawang, you can also visit the study centre of Mahayana buddist, Museum, Emporium and local market. Day 06: Tawang - Bomdila (about 172 kms.) After breakfast drive to Bomdila. Bomdila is the head quarters of West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh and located at an altitude of 8000 feet. It offers a marvelous view of the snow capped.

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It will reduce the distance between Dirang and Tawang by 10 km. It has a 3-year target target completion date of Feb 2022 after the construction commenced in 2019. The tunnel will provide access to Tawang by an all-weather road in the western region of Arunachal Pradesh throughout the year The birth place of Tsangyang Gyasto, Urgelling Monastery, and the sixth Dalai Lama of a Monpa Mother is situated at a distance of 5km from Tawang. Bomdila: This place offers amazing view of snow clad mountains, wild orchids, Himalayan landscapes, luring waterfalls. Being the headquarters of West Kameng district located at the height of 8500 ft. After Breakfast in Hotel departure for Bomdila Aprrox (distance is 330 K. 8 Hrs) Arrive in Bomdila here you can seen Bomdila Monastery, Orchid Research Centre, Craft Centre, Bomdila View Point etc and halt: DAY 3: After breakfast in Bomdilla departure for Tawang (distance is 230 K. 7.30 Hrs) arrive in tawang and halt in Tawang: DAY

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Day 03: DIRANG-TAWANG (200 km/6 hrs) After breakfast, drive Dirang to Tawang. Selapass: Sela Pass, with a height of 13,714 ft, is one of the most visited places in entire Arunachal Pradesh. Considered to be heaven on earth, the Sela Mountain Pass in winter is entirely covered with snow Distance. 450 Kms from 1 Side. Hotels in Tawang. Starting at ₹1,700 Per Night. Tawang is an extremely adventurous and unique place to experience. Guwahati to Tawang Road Trip is an adventurous road trip which one must do in their life at least once. This road trip is made for those who love to explore and travel to amazing places Like Tawang, Bomdila also holds stories about the Dalai Lama. The current, 14 th , Dalai Lama passed through Bomdila when he escaped Lhasa in March 1958. And it was in Bomdila when His Holiness the 14 th Dalai Lama received the historic telegram from former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru granting him political asylum after his escape. How to Reach: By Road: One can easily reach to Bomdila by roadways from either Guwahati or Tezpur.From Tezpur, Bomdila is situated at a distance of 150 km . By Train: The nearest railway station is Rangapara Railway Station with a distance of 145 km. By Air: Tezpur airport is the nearest airport with about a distance of 150 km from Bomdila. Air India flights from Kolkata and Guwahati are. Second sightseeing is Tawang War Memorial, located just few km from Tawang. Tawang War Memorial is dedicated to the Indian Army, who was sacrificed for country. Overnight stay at Tawang. Tawang. Day 4. Tawang to Bomdila. Day 4 trip back to Tawang to Bomdila, distance of 177km